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‘Hey look,’ you must’ve thought before clicking on this article, ‘it’s that guy who’s always posting on LinkedIn about wearing pink on Wednesdays.’

Guilty. “Pink Wednesday” is a weekly reminder to spread love and kindness to others in our industry and beyond. Those posts helped me make a name for myself and put me on PPAI’s #Online18 ranking of the promo industry’s best follows on social media for 2023.

The odds are overwhelming that you don’t know me personally even though I’ve been in this industry for a decade. You might not even follow me on LinkedIn or Facebook – it’s not like I have millions of followers. But because of the way I use these platforms to market myself and the work I do for Hirsch, you’re still pretty likely to have seen my posts shared into your feed and have at least a vague awareness of who I am and what I do.

And in this industry, which is built on relationships, that means something.

We all recognize that our digital lives are a massive representation of ourselves and our businesses. You can no longer afford to handle your marketing in only print, or even through digital ads or email blasts. Social media is now the public square. Whether you’re a supplier or distributor, it’s where all of your customers go to hang out on a daily basis – especially LinkedIn.

But so many of us are still hesitant or unwilling to embrace this vital piece of the customer funnel.

In fact, that was me not too long ago, before coming into my own online and in my career within the last five years. If that’s your feeling about social media now, I hope that the lessons I’ve learned can be helpful for you.

Find A Purpose

How did I get here?

It started by allowing myself to fall in love with social media despite my previous feelings about it. Years ago, I had actually deleted all of my social platforms. I felt they were wasting my time and not doing me any good. Then, while volunteering for the Houston Promotional Products Association, I was put on the social media committee. This got me back on social with a new profile and an intention to get involved for work, but post nothing personal.

Once back on all the platforms, I started to see and appreciate them in a totally different way. I loved connecting with so many people in the industry and becoming friends before even meeting in person. I discovered a new purpose for the way I used social media, and the rest is history.

Recognize Your Audience

After rejoining social media and focusing my efforts on posts related to my work, I discovered that, despite what can sometimes feel like shouting into the void, people actually do listen and read what you put on social media.

Some come to know you through your posts, and truly care about your words. I started posting about wearing pink on Wednesdays as a way to bring positivity during the pandemic. I figured most people would find it annoying, but they did not. They embraced the insane positivity and let me do my thing.

Aim For Consistency

The Pink Wednesday posts are now a staple in my life. I make a point to stop what I am doing every Wednesday to make that post. People expect it now – it’s part of my online identity, which is something you have to purposely craft and be mindful of to market effectively on social media.

You can’t be spotty in your posts if you want to gain any sort of traction or following. You have to establish routines. Sometimes breaks are needed, and that’s OK. But overall, aim for consistent posting.

It’s not just once a week, either. Some experts say you should post daily. Some say three times a week. Do what works for you: Rarely do I post multiple times a day, because I feel people do not want one person or company monopolizing their feed. Remember, you do have an audience. There’s no need to oversaturate them.

Be Yourself, Fearlessly

Don’t be afraid to show your passion for your work and things that matter to you. Allow your expertise to shine. This will make your messaging meaningful to people.

You don’t want to take the audience for granted: This is about creating a mutual trust and friendship. Let everyone see the true you, and a lot of people will gravitate to it.

Every one of these social media platforms could tank and be gone tomorrow. But you will still be you. So own who you are, what you care about and what makes you great and what you do.

And run with it!

Pospisil is a national account manager at supplier Hirsch. He made his debut on the PPAI #Online18 list of the industry’s best follows on social media in 2023.