iPROMOTEu’s DunkFest 2019 officially came to an end earlier this month with the Virginia Cavaliers winning the NCAA men’s college basketball championship. The overall winner of DunkFest 2019 was Cheryl Kozak, an iPROMOTEu affiliate from Florida. Kozak correctly predicted Virginia to win in the championship game; her bracket was among the top two percent of the more than 17 million brackets completed on ESPN’s Tournament Challenge.

Bob Sanfilippo, another iPROMOTEu affiliate from California, came in second, and Max Schell, a long-time iPROMOTEu affiliate from California, came in third. Commemorative trophies and gift cards will be awarded for the top three brackets.

Run by industry distributor organization iPROMOTEu, DunkFest is an annual NCAA men’s college basketball tournament challenge organized exclusively for the promotional products industry. iPROMOTEu started DunkFest in 2008 to generate enthusiasm, spirit and friendly competition among those working in the promotional products industry.

“This year’s tournament was a lot of fun and generated spirited conversation and competition among more than 170 industry participants,” says Ross Silverstein, president and CEO of iPROMOTEu.