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PPAI’s PromoTalks podcast series, which began in March, brings industry thought leaders, business executives and subject matter experts together for insightful, engaging conversations relevant to promotional products professionals and their businesses. 

In October, PromoTalks released “PPB Presents: Growing Your Company Through Acquisitions,” in which experts discuss what makes an acquisition successful and how to know if it’s right for a business. Director of publications and editor at PPAI Tina Berres Filipski moderated a conversation with Certified Marketing Consultants financial analyst Jamie Watson, MAS, CPA, and Jeffry Meyer, MAS, the company’s president. In this sharp 19-minute chat, Watson and Meyer talk through what a good business climate looks like to acquire a company, how to know if a company is ready to acquire and how businesses benefit from the move. Hear what these experts predict will be the future of industry acquisitions and what most successful acquisitions have in common.

In November, the podcast “PPB Presents: We’ve Sold PPE. Now What?” provided a forum for three distributor owners to discuss how they rethought their customers’ needs and found new avenues for sales. Special guests are Janie Gaunce, president and CEO at Grapevine Designs; Michael Emoff, chief vision officer at Shumsky and Hillary Feder, MAS, founder of Hillary’s, LLC. 

Tune in to listen to these insightful and helpful discussions, available free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, at And for the full library of PromoTalks episodes, visit


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.