Walter B. Morrissey Jr., MAS, passed away on December 18 at the age of 77. Until his retirement in 2008, he was president of Proforma Big Dog Branding (PPAI 411388) in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Morrissey was an award-winning marketer who won numerous PPAI Pyramid Awards. He started a screen-printing operation, Image Inc., in 1973 in his garage in Hastings, Nebraska. In the early ’80s, he closed the company and took over Hastings Advertising from his mother, Ann Morrissey, CAS, the first woman to serve on the PPAI board of directors. Eventually he changed the company’s name to Morrissey & Associates and in 1994, moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, bringing the advertising business with him.

In 2000, Morrissey reconnected with his faith and became an active member of the Vineyard church in Fort Collins, where he met and married Vicki in 2005.

Morrissey is survived by his wife; five children—Erin (husband Mike), Chris (wife Dawn), Seth (wife Kristina), Shelli, and Brent (wife Tyra); and a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

A celebration of life was held by friends and family on December 28 in Fort Collins and on January 6 in Hastings, Nebraska.