Massachusetts-based supplier HPG (PPAI 110772, S11) has announced a partnership with TerraCycle, an established recycling firm that has operated in the environmental space since 1978.

  • Out of the collaboration, HPG is producing a version of TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box for pens, pencils and markers.
  • HPG will host a livestream with more information about the partnership and the new product featuring Elizabeth Wimbush, PPAI’s director of sustainability and responsibility, on February 29.
  • In last year’s inaugural PPAI 100, HPG ranked as the No. 8 supplier.

A Sustainable Duo

By partnering with an experienced recycling firm, HPG’s Zero Waste Box is intended to “act as a promotional product that diverts waste from landfills,” an effort to provide ecologically responsible options and fight the “brandfill” label that promo has at times been saddled with.

“We’re proud to join forces with TerraCycle, offering a sustainability solution that redefines our industry,” says Jing Rong, HPG’s VP of supply chain & sustainability. “We recently launched the Pens, Pencils & Markers Zero Waste Box at Hub and we’re eager to offer more waste stream products in the near future.”

  • Wimbush notes that it is the type of collaboration that PPAI encourages, allowing experts in sustainable operations to guide suppliers through proven methods of recycling.

“TerraCycle’s innovative approach aligns with the industry’s increasing focus on sustainability,” says Wimbush. “We’re thrilled to see partnerships like this driving positive change in the promotional industry.”

An Opportunity To Learn More

Wimbush will join Nick Lateur, HPG’s brand director, and Rhandi Goodman, TerraCycle’s SVP of business-to-business and direct-to-consumer for a livestream detailing the Zero Waste Box and significance of the partnership.

  • Goodman is expected to explain how TerraCycle can convert waste that municipal recycling centers cannot, and, in the process, turn it into new product like playgrounds, benches and shipping pallets.

“We’re excited to share insights into our collaborative efforts,” Goodman says. “This partnership represents a significant opportunity for positive environmental impact within the promotional industry.”

  • The livestream event will be February 29 at 1 p.m. Eastern on YouTube.
  • To RSVP, click here.