It’s a new season of wild wins and devastating defeats. In the pigskin game, any moment can surprise you. After a wild season opening weekend in the NFL, filled with heart-stopping twists and turns, fans want to stay gameday ready.

Here are four ways football fans could use promo this season. Heidi Selleck, account executive at distributor The Vernon Company, shares her top product picks.

In The Stadium

This year, going to a football game is a more popular pastime. Colleges like that University of Texas at Austin and the University of Florida are reporting record breaking season ticket sales. To cheer on their team, fans will need gear to stand out.

Make your staff or team feel like they’re No. 1 with the 16-inch foam cheering hand. It comes in an array of colors that will match any marketing campaign. Imprint your client’s logo or company name to the stock No. 1 finger, or add your choice of text. Second side printing is also available as an option.

Foamworx / PPAI 211138, S5 /

These LED cheer sticks are specially designed to add a touch of eye-catching enthusiasm to any event or occasion. Add an imprint of your client’s name, logo and advertising message. This cheer stick is made of white foam with colored LEDs that shine through the foam when turned on and won’t hurt anyone if thrown. To activate the multicolor cheer baton, press the button on the base of the light wand. Available in 18 different colors with six LEDs functions. / PPAI 260234, S2 /

At A Sports Bar

Local businesses like restaurants and hotels depend heavily on football season. In 2020, when the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences scheduled shorted seasons amid the pandemic, communities lost millions of dollars. But football is now back and bigger than ever. This year, Selleck says people want to be wowed.

“They are sick and tired of seeing cheap disposable swag. Consumers have gotten a lot smarter over the years. They know that they can get light up coasters, shot glasses, beer mugs and hats. If you’re going to keep your patrons happy and you want them to remember you and come back, then you must be tuned in with the latest merch. I think our ancestors were onto something with the old neon signs! I will never forget the ginormous Citgo sign in Boston by my aunt’s house. I was fascinated with this sign, and it was branded on my brain at 5 years old!”


For a full day of tailgating, snacks and drink accessories are a must.

Light up your brand with the full-color, USA-made Torch Coolie. This rechargeable LED utilizes the housing design of our patent-pending magnet coolie attachment. The super bright LED charges quickly and will last up to an hour and a half. Press one time or a fast strobe light, twice for a slow strobe, and a third time for a constant glow. A fourth press will turn it off. Great for evening events, concerts, camping, tailgating, and general safety.

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Level-up your snacking game with this assortment of binge-worthy treats paired with custom blue light blocking glasses. This kit includes Bruce Julian Heritage Foods Honey Sriracha Couch Mix (2 ounce), Taos Bakes CosmoNuts Citrus Glazed Pecans (4 ounce), The Good Crisp Sour Cream & Onion Potato Crisps, South Forty Snacks Seeds & Salt Giant Sunflower Seeds (8 ounce), and a pair of universal blue light blocking glasses with customized case. Best of all, it comes packaged in a customizable box with a personalized card at no additional cost.

HPG / PPAI 110772, S11 /

Watch Party

According to The American Pizza Community, more than 12.5 million pizzas are ordered for Super Bowl Sunday. And the National Chicken Council projects that fans ate more than 1.4 billion wings that day. What’s a watch party without takeout or delivery food?

As restaurants gear up for football season, delivery drivers will need help delivering all those pizzas and other game time favorites. Promotional products can make their lives easier.

This Chuckwagon is the perfect take-out bag. This high-density white plastic bag has a 10-inch bottom, die cut handles and a cardboard bottom insert.

BAG MAKERS, Inc. / PPAI 111408, S10 /