Adopt Some New Apps

The mobile sphere is home to more than one million apps—1.5 million alone reside in the iTunes App Store. With so many to choose from, are you finding yourself stuck in an app rut? If you’re using the same few apps over and over, afraid to branch out and install what truly works for you, review these options and see if one or more will set you on a new path to app love.

For iPhone shutterbugs


This handy app helps free up space on your phone, which you can fill with even more photos. Use IceCream as your default camera and photo app, and the high-res photos are sent to the app’s secure cloud while smaller versions remain on your iPhone. IceCream also tells users how much space is left, and how to share images with a private network of contacts.

For the busy-bee professional

Free Time 2

Between video conferences, play dates, weeknight games and yoga classes, do you wonder where all your free time has gone? Download the Free Time 2 app and it will tell you. This app works with Microsoft Outlook, Google and Apple calendars, showing you just where and how much free time you have. It also lets you share your availability with selected contacts.

For the ‘let’s do lunch’ crowd


If the stove in your home has never seen a hot pan, the free Reserve app is right up your alley. Use this concierge app to gain access to tables at some of the most popular dining spots in the country. Select a partner restaurant, a time slot for arriving, and the app makes the reservation and updates the user. Caveats? Just two— Reserve partners don’t pay for the service, either, so they aren’t obligated to hold a table for Reserve customers, and no-shows are charged anywhere from $10 to $25 by the app.

For the weekend road-tripper

Last Minute Travel

This free Android/iOS app lets you book flights, hotels and tour activities as well as view flights by price and stops; map hotels by location; and peruse a section offering exclusive deals. Want to sail the seas in style? LMT’s family of companies includes a cruise option.