St. Louis-based Facilisgroup (PPAI 493664) – a company that provides a software-as-a-service-based (SaaS) platform for promotional products distributors – has announced the launch of emPOWER, an initiative dedicated to empowering women within the Facilisgroup community and amplifying their influence in the promo industry.

  • Committed to delivering opportunities for both personal and professional advancement, emPOWER provides a specialized platform for women to connect within the Facilisgroup community.

“As we evaluated emPOWER and set our strategy for 2024, we identified its purpose: empower women in the Facilisgroup community to achieve success and elevate the impact of women in the promotional products industry,” says Michele Dando, chair of the emPOWER Steering Committee and vice president of supplier relations at Facilisgroup. “We’ll continue this messaging throughout 2024 with the Steering Committee driving initiatives around philanthropy, mentorship programs and continued learning.”

2024 emPOWER Membership

Here are the inaugural chairwomen of the emPOWER Steering Committee:

  • Michele Dando, committee chair and vice president of supplier relations, Facilisgroup
  • Wendy Wells, chair of events subcommittee and senior supplier success manager, Facilisgroup
  • Amy Rabideau, chair of programs subcommittee and senior vice president of strategy and innovation, Facilisgroup
  • Alisa Cuneo, chair of philanthropy subcommittee and senior vice president of finance and human resources, Facilisgroup

Here are the inaugural members of the emPOWER Steering Committee:

  • Tracy Adams, strategic account advisor, Facilisgroup
  • Holly Brown, chief revenue officer, PCNA
  • Voshte Demmert-Gustafson, president, Color Graphics
  • Kathy DiFrancesco, vice president of sales, Snugz USA
  • Teresa Fudenberg, CEO, Storm Creek
  • Kendra Gulka, account executive, Echo Promotions
  • Terri Harland, business development manager, Facilisgroup
  • Sarah Johnston, director of Brandito Midwest, Brandito
  • Cindy Kenner, vice president of operations, Brand Addition
  • Milissa Knaub, vice president of finance, Brand Addition
  • Claire Lavoy, professional development manager, Facilisgroup
  • Stephanie Maday, director of sales and CX, Storm Creek
  • Sarah Mann, regional sales manager, Gill-Line
  • Sydney Myers, inside national accounts representative, S&S Activewear
  • Heather O’Neil, national account executive, Walker-Clay
  • Carolyn Phillips, operations, HF Custom
  • Sam Ross, director of partner success, Facilisgroup
  • Laura Riley, internal training specialist, Facilisgroup
  • Ashley Schaefer, president, 14 West
  • Grace Schettler, senior vice president of sales, Chipply
  • Victoria Schmitz, regional sales manager, Goldstar
  • Suzanne Simpson, strategic accounts, Gemline
  • Nicole Tasca, vice president of sales administration, Starline
  • Michelle Thieret, U.S. managing director, Brand Addition
  • Clare Thompson, inside sales manager, Pop! Promos
  • Stephanie Zafarana, president, Pica Marketing Group

Taking Flight

emPOWER hosted Taking Flight, its inaugural event, at Facilisgroup’s Supplier Showcase in Atlanta in February.

  • With more than 200 guests in attendance, the session featured tips for taking control of one’s path and learning the power of saying “no.”

“The emPOWER event covered timely topics and relevant focuses for women in leadership across our industry today,” says Holly Brown, keynote speaker and chief revenue officer at PCNA. “I was thrilled to be a part of the kickoff around the art of strategically saying ‘no’ in leadership and look forward to continued learnings and engagement from one another in this group of incredible women leaders.”