Facilisgroup (PPAI 493664), an industry provider of a software-as-a-service-based (SaaS) platform for distributors, recently held its second Top Executive event of 2021, showcasing the knowledge and experience of some of its partners.

On April 28-29, the company brought eight industry leaders to its St. Louis, Missouri-area headquarters for a strategic workshop where they each served as “teacher” to a classroom of their peers. Drawing on their experience, each presented a topic based on obstacles encountered and accomplishments achieved, so those in attendance can learn from each other’s mistakes and be motivated by each other’s successes.

For Jill Haspert, CEO of Minneapolis-based Foxtrot Marketing Group, the topic of “Reimagining Your Business” was one she could speak to with tremendous relevant experience. Upon joining the then-named 20/20 Brand Solutions, Haspert discovered that despite the business being in operation for 45 years, there was a distinct lack of brand equity.

“We had been so focused on helping our customers build brand awareness and loyalty that our own brand had taken a back seat,” Haspert explained to the audience. “We needed to really align on what value we specifically bring to the supply chain, and how we want to be seen by customers and within our community.”

Additionally, a lack of structure within its sales department required a complete dismantling and rebuilding, including redefining job descriptions, compensation structure, benchmarking and launching a new vertical market approach for its salespeople.

Haspert shared that just tolerating pain points within a business, out of convenience, is often a dangerous path to take—and that a strong bias for action is often the remedy. In her case, it meant partnering with an outside branding agency and sales-focused accounting firm to most effectively solve issues that required a level of expertise beyond what she alone could provide. Haspert concluded her session with a question and challenge to the others: “If you had $1 million dollars of fun money given to you, to reimagine any aspect of your business, what would it be? You’ll find, as you work through the answer, that these are the things we are tolerating. These are often the frustrating areas we let happen because that’s how it’s always been done.”

Haspert’s presentation was one of 12 that the attending leaders were able to participate in, with other topics including “Improving Profitability,” “Simplifying and Focusing Your Business” and “Driving Organizational Change.” The event was facilitated by Matthew Lamb, EVP of research and development at Facilisgroup, and also included sessions led by company President Ashley McCune.

In addition to Haspert, event attendees included Joe McEuen, owner of MyBrandPromo, Inc.; James Greaves, CEO of Brand Makers; Brian Porter, SVP of sales and marketing at Starline; Enrique Perez, President of Hitex Marketing Group; Karlyne Eygendaal, COO of Gorilla Marketing; Steve DeBoer, CFO of Midwest Promotional Group; and Brian Katers, president of Promotional Designs.