Steve Jobs. Herb Kelleher. Jack Welch. These leaders had it. People followed them. Employees were highly dedicated to them. Their companies’ success went hand-in-hand with the leadership these individuals provided.

Yesterday, Promotional Consultant Today shared five key leadership traits that attract others to follow, as highlighted by Marcel Schwantes, principal and founder of Leadership From the Core. Today we share five more.

People will follow leaders who:

1. … seek wisdom from others. Successful leaders don’t assume that they know everything. They are willing to seek the advice of mentors and others in their inner circle who will keep them on track and move them in the right direction.

2. … intentionally seek to build trust with others. Schwantes says that any true leader will first build trust with those they work closely with. In fact, it has been found that in healthy organizations, leaders with a servant mindset are willing to give trust to their followers first, and they give it as a gift even before it’s earned.

3. … make their employees feel like business partners. Servant leaders will let their team members feel a sense of ownership, like they’re invested in the business. When leaders engage their workforce, good things begin to happen, improving employee engagement.

4. … reward and recognize those who fight alongside them. According to Schwantes, a true leader will always acknowledge successes as a team effort. This leader will make it a priority to recognize people for their hard work, both in public and private. An employee who sees this leader in action not seeking self-glory, but building up others, will typically be more willing to follow that leader.

5. … ask for feedback. A great leader doesn’t just put a team together, roll out a program and leave the scene. A great leader will constantly ask employees for feedback about what’s working, and what’s not. This leader understands that to maintain a healthy culture, it’s important to keep a pulse on the culture of the organization.

Try some of these tips to create a culture of servant leadership in your organization.

Source: Marcel Schwantes is principal and founder of Leadership From the Core, a leading provider of servant-leadership training and coaching designed to create healthy, engaged and profitable work cultures. He is an entrepreneur, an executive coach, a speaker, a columnist and a servant-leadership evangelist working on publishing his first book this year.