David Klatt has stepped down from his role as CEO of Koozie Group (PPAI 114187, S13) – ranked No. 10 on the PPAI 100 – to serve as an advisor to the supplier’s board, PPAI Media has confirmed.

Klatt was also a board member of H.I.G. Capital, the private equity firm that acquired Koozie Group (formerly known as BIC Graphic North America) in 2017. Koozie Group told PPAI Media that Klatt made a “planned transition in March” after his five-year term as CEO and board member ended.

Although a new CEO has yet to be named, a Koozie Group representative stressed that there have been “no changes to the executive team.” Furthermore, the team is working directly with the executive chairman of the board to “continue implementing strategic improvements” for the benefit of customers. No additional details are available at this time.

Klatt’s Impact on Koozie Group

Klatt joined BIC Graphic in 2018, and under his leadership, the Clearwater, Florida-based firm rebranded to Koozie Group in 2020. That same year, Koozie Group acquired fellow high-profile supplier IMAGEN Brands (PPAI 114197, S10).

Since late 2020, Koozie Group has been working with a third-party to conduct impartial end-user surveys to identify what it calls KG Factor items, products designed to lessen environmental impact through longevity.

  • The initiative is part of Koozie Group’s product strategy around its sustainability commitment called “Keep It. Give It.”
  • Today, 77% of its product assortment – a total of 1,944 items – has earned the KG Factor designation. The company’s goal was originally to reach the 50% mark by 2024.

In a recent article in PPAI Magazine, Pierre Montaubin, senior vice president of product management and sourcing at Koozie Group, said of the company’s spend in Asia, 90% of it is still coming from China. In comparison, in 2016-2017, it was 97%.

  • Over the past few years, some production has been moved from China to Vietnam, Bangladesh and India, and the company has considered Mexico as an alternative source.

Before entering the promotional products industry, Klatt was CEO of AAMP Global and president of the writing segment and specialty business segment at Newell Brands. He has also held leadership roles at Black & Decker and DeWalt.