Most consumers do not believe customer reward programs are rigged, reports COLLOQUY, a provider of loyalty marketing research, publishing and education. However, their trust in the programs varies by demographics and the types of program in question.

COLLOQUY’s survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers found that 59 percent say customer reward programs are on the up and up, but when broken down by age group, 53 percent of younger Millennials in the 18-24 age group describe them as rigged. Just 37 percent of older Millennials, the 25-34 age group, say the same. Furthermore, more women (43 percent) than men (40 percent) said reward programs are rigged.

The survey also asked who benefits the most from customer reward programs. At the top were savvy shoppers at 34.5 percent, followed by credit card companies (27 percent), brands (26.5 percent) and wealthy people (12 percent).

“In an atmosphere where venerable institutions are being questioned, it should be reassuring to marketers that nearly 60 percent of consumers believe in their programs, and that consumers identified smart shoppers as the chief beneficiaries,” says COLLOQUY Editor-in-Chief Jeff Berry. “At the same time, the survey should remind brands that rewards must be relevant, easy to earn and redeem, and that they must uphold the value exchange.”