Coca-Cola tops the lineup in brand marketing firm Tenet Partners’ ranking of the most and least respected corporate brands. Filling out the top ten are PepsiCo, The Hershey Company, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Harley-Davidson, IBM, Microsoft and GE.

Tenet’s report, Brand Respect: The Most and Least Respected Corporate Brands of 2015, surveyed approximately 10,000 business decision makers and opinion leaders two key metrics that contribute to a brand’s ability to drive long-term growth: familiarity and favorability. Brands with the highest familiarity and favorability are defined as most respected, while brands that are the most well-known but have the lowest favorability are considered the least respected.

“The respect a brand has earned, and can keep, speaks directly to its ability to remain competitive in today’s marketplace,” says Hampton Bridwell, CEO and managing partner of Tenet Partners. “The top 10 most respected brands demonstrate the impact of a strong corporate reputation in building trust, loyalty and increased profitability. Meanwhile, the top 10 least respected brands—or simply the brands with the largest discrepancies between familiarity and favorability—need to think critically about the brand experiences they are creating in the marketplace and how they can regain the favor of consumers and investors.”

More details on Tenet Partners’ findings is available here.