1. A Dog Walker’s Dream Comes True With Tito’s Pet-Themed Merch

Dog walks and vodka shots? Tito’s Vodka wants customers to leash up and pour up, when legal. In April, Tito’s Vodka For Dog People, the company’s program for bettering pet lives, partnered with the nonprofit BISSELL Pet Foundation to launch a seven-piece collection. For easy sipping, Tito’s created the “walk pack,” which is a belt bag with custom pockets to hold mini Tito’s bottles and a branded YETI tumbler so it’s easy to enjoy a “walktail” on a stroll with a loved one, whether human or canine. Other merch items include a collapsible bowl, branded caps and a “sniff in style” bandana. All proceeds will be donated to BISSELL Pet Foundation to help pets find forever homes.

2. Subaru Upcycles Leftover Airbags Into Reusable Shopping Bags

Leftover fabric from airbag production gets a second life at Subaru. The car manufacturer partnered with Toyoda Gosei to create the “Subaru x Re-S Upcycled Marche Bag.” Manufactured in Japan, the unusual material makes a durable and sustainable bag that is heat and water resistant. The large opening can fit a full-size towel, but the bag also can be folded to fit in a pocket, and a patch of reflective material between the stripes makes it safer for users to go out at night. The bag is complete with the Subaru emblem on the tag. The eco-friendly “Marché bag” can be bought on the official Subaru online shop for $20.

3. A Mom Goes Viral For Buying ‘Misprint’ Pens For Her Server Daughter

When you’re a server at a restaurant, you’re probably going to lose a pen or two, so it’s best not to use a favorite pen lest you want to see a customer walk off with it. TikToker @valgal2020, aka Valarie, shared in a video that her daughter was starting a new job as a server and asked for “click pens.” As of late April, that video had been viewed nearly 2 million times. Valarie also went to Amazon and ordered 100 “misprint” pens with obvious mistakes like a “way to go” pen with the thumbs up going the wrong way. The idea of buying pens “you don’t care if people steal,” as Valarie put it, resonated with TikTokers in other industries like health care, proving that even with promo with “mistakes” can still be valuable.

 4. Fans Can Binge Watch In This Netflix x Lacoste Ready-To-Wear Line

Imagine a crocodile in the Netflix-verse. That’s this clothing collection. Eight of Netflix’s most popular TV shows, including Bridgerton, Sex Education, Lupin, Money Heist, Stranger Things and The Witcher will be featured in Lacoste’s new collection. The apparel company’s iconic crocodile mascot transforms into a man-eating Demogorgon monster from Stranger Things on one baby blue sweatshirt and Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton with an extravagant headpiece on another. Released in April, the limited-edition collection also includes socks, hats, sneakers and Lacoste’s iconic polos and sweatsuits.

5. Reality Star Releases ‘Revenge Merch’ Line After Public Breakup



Do not take a “Louisville slugger to both headlights,” a la Carrie Underwood’s hit “Before He Cheats.” Drop a merchandise line instead. That’s what Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix did after she found out her partner of nearly a decade, Tom Sandoval, had a months-long affair with her friend and co-star.

A month later, Madix told her fans to visit a new website, officialteamariana. com. Supporters could buy sweatpants, bucket hats, mugs, T-shirts and more. Some pieces include her iconic lines from the show like, “I was born cool.” She even pokes fun at past criticism by selling a “wet blanket,” referencing a past comment from a co-star, declaring, “It’s not me, it’s you” and mocking her ex with a “#1 guy in the group” T-shirt.

Madix’s revenge line drew massive support on social media, with one person tweeting, “Let’s make her so successful that Tom Sandoval spontaneously combusts.” Glamour says dropping a merch line is one of the go-to ways to heighten celebrity status and make a cultural impact. It’s making lemons into lemonade, humiliation into monetization.

 6. Rock Your World With Liquid Death x Travis Barker Collectible Enema Kit

Edgy canned water company Liquid Death partnered with rock star Travis Barker to “refresh” fans. Riffing on the 1999 Blink-182 album called Enema of the State, they created a limited-edition enema kit that sold out immediately – for a tongue-in-cheek $182 apiece. Each water kit came with a custom-branded enema bulb and a 19-ounce can of Liquid Death autographed by Barker himself. The Liquid Death website adamantly states that this kit is an adult art piece and not intended for medical use.