Brikl (PPAI 803362), a business services provider offering online store solutions for promotional products and team wear, has announced that it is expanding its capabilities through new partnerships.

Expanded Capabilities

The Sharonville, Ohio-based company supplies tools that businesses can use to create and customize online stores to meet unique needs. Working with Fulfill Engine and FAST Platform, it has expanded the on-demand capabilities, including print on demand, of its company stores.

  • On-demand and print-on-demand production methods create or print products as orders are received, eliminating the need for extensive inventories.
  • These processes are cost-effective and reduce waste by producing goods only when there is demand.
  • Once a Brikl on-demand store is created and products are selected from a chosen decorator, orders are routed to the FAST Platform, Fulfill Engine, or the Brikl Supplier Network for decoration and then on to the end customer.

“Brikl stands at the forefront of the promotional products industry, delivering an unparalleled on-demand end-to-end company store platform at scale. This is huge,” says Jason Reinhardt, chief commercial officer and co-founder of Brikl. “We’ve spent thousands of hours to achieve this unique positioning, and along with our partners, we’re now ready to empower businesses of all sizes with innovative solutions that not only meet their unique needs but also set new standards for efficiency and customization.

“We are beyond passionate about driving selling success for our clients in this ever-evolving landscape.”

The Partners’ Perspectives

“Simplifying and automating fulfilment in quantities of one has been at the forefront of our development efforts since the inception of our company,” says Jayson Tompkins, CEO and co-founder of Fulfill Engine. “With a sales platform like Brikl, companies can now react and capitalize on opportunities like never before. We’re excited to power print on demand fulfilment at scale alongside our partners.”

Danielle Augustine, vice president of sales at FAST Platform, says, “We are absolutely thrilled about our partnership with Brikl. This is the industry’s first automated end-to-end solution from order capture, order management and ultimately fulfillment of decorated apparel orders.

“Our FAST technology platform provides our distributor partners automated product ordering, backorder management as well as unlimited capacity with our national decorator network. We will continue to provide superior quality, speed to market with five-day production turns and drastically reduce freight costs with our 30-plus decorator locations across the U.S.”