BIC Graphic NA (PPAI 114187) has entered a supplier partnership agreement with Peerless Umbrella (PPAI 112666) to sell its umbrellas exclusively. The Tampa, Florida-based supplier launched 20 Peerless styles on April 8 and aside from established premium golf brands, all umbrellas carried by BIC Graphic NA will be Peerless Umbrellas.

“We value quality products, so we knew Peerless, an undeniable leader in umbrellas, would be the perfect partner,” says Kelly Diomeda, BIC Graphic NA product manager for the outdoor and leisure category. “There is a growing trend in outdoor promotional products and this collaboration takes our assortment to the next level by expanding the outdoor category to more than 200 items.”

Dan Edge, Peerless Umbrella director of sales, N.A., adds, “As a tenured and growing company in the promotional products industry, Peerless is looking forward to this strategic partnership with BIC Graphic as a means to not only increase our distribution, but to provide the opportunity for a top 40 supplier to expand their line in a practical way. Together, we will have the ability to provide a more diverse group of distributors with award-winning Peerless brand umbrellas. It’s a win-win. Collaboration is the future of our industry and Peerless is thrilled to be in collaboration with one of the best in our business.”