Barbie Winterbottom, chief people officer at Clearwater, Florida-based supplier BIC Graphic North America, has been selected as an honoree for the 2019 People First Awards by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Winterbottom is one of 17 individuals and two teams being recognized for their outstanding contributions to their organizations’ success.

Winterbottom is a senior professional in human resources, who implemented her “people-first” approach at companies like Amazon, HSN and Capital One before joining BIC Graphic in 2018. In her current position, Winterbottom and her team have reinvented the HR, now called the People Team, approach to all functional areas with a “people, process, systems” methodology to ensure everything BIC Graphic does is in support of driving positive people and business outcomes.

By transforming the way BIC Graphic thinks about performance and leadership, she is said to have helped the company become more agile and collaborative, creating a foundation of common language, performance and behavioral expectations anchored to behavioral competencies, which BIC Graphic refers to as “people powers.”

“Our people powers are at the core of everything we do, how we interact with each other and our customers, how we select new people to join the organization and how we manage the success of those who are already here,” says Winterbottom.

Credited with deep understanding and experience in talent supply chain, Winterbottom has also moved the organization away from dependency on talent acquisition agencies, reducing the supplier’s agency fees by more than $2 million while bringing in higher-quality talent with an improved candidate experience and better retention.

The People First Awards honor the work that human resources professionals and their businesses perform to make Tampa Bay area firms successful. The honorees exemplify the best human resources directors, programs and practices that have had a positive impact on employees and overall organizations. The 17 honorees were recognized at the 2019 People First Awards Presentation and Luncheon on December 5 for their vital work in putting people first to drive successful business outcomes for their organizations. Learn more about the Tampa Bay Business Journal People First Awards here.