As 2022 comes to a close, PPAI Media looks back at a tremendous year in the promotional products industry, highlighting some of the promo’s most impactful news and trends. In the first entry of this four-part series, we share top picks in apparel and hard goods that proved promotional products are universally valued and essential to every brand.

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PPAI Suppliers Make Oprah’s Favorite Things List

Totally Bamboo (PPAI 408801, S1) was one of several PPAI member suppliers to make Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things 2022 List. A brandable Family Tree Carving Board by the California-based supplier captured the media mogul’s attention.

  • Oprah is one of the world’s most powerful influencers, and the Favorite Things list is an annual feature that has historically driven major sales boosts for the products she spotlights.
  • “We have noticed a spike in buzz, traffic, and sales and are mainly anticipating seeing the long-term effects this list has on our business,” says David Chen, vice president of sales at Totally Bamboo.

Brandable: Chick-fil-A Releases Merch Collection Just In Time For The Holidays

Now you can “eat mor chikin” and wear it, too.

  • Chick-fil-A joined other restaurant chains like Whataburger and Denny’s on the branded merchandise bandwagon with the launch of its new, limited-edition collection, dubbed Chick-fil-A Originals, just a few weeks ago.
  • Available at, the collection includes clothing, accessories, stuffed animals and other items.

What Clients Need To Play America’s Fastest Growing Sport

Here’s the dill: Pickleball is now the fastest-growing sport in the country.

  • The game—a mix of badminton, tennis and table tennis—is keeping players on their toes as more people learn about the fun.
  • Growing in popularity as a pandemic activity, more than half a million people have started playing Pickleball since 2020. About 17% of players are 65 and older, while a third are under 25, according to a 2022 Pickleball Report.

Associate Editor Kristina Valdez’s Top Product Picks From Las Vegas

Looking back on The PPAI Expo 2022, the most memorable products simply made life easier.

  • Whether it was a two-in-one product or an all-inclusive kit, these products guaranteed recipients an experience that improves their day to day.
  • Products that had value to a recipient’s life won’t get used just once, but continuously, ultimately increasing a client’s impressions.

‘Tis The Season: The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a great time to show appreciation for clients, customers and employees with thoughtful gifts.

  • Items and messages that make your recipients feel valued help build relationships and cultivate loyalty.
  • Choosing the right gifts is a layered process that requires not only knowing your budget but also the needs and preferences of your intended recipients.

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