American Solutions for Business raised $12,000 for families in the Pope County area—where the Glenwood, Minnesota, distributor is headquartered—through its annual Adopt-A-Family fundraiser. The reoccurring program is put on by ASB sales associates and home office employees as a gift to founder Larry Zavadil and his wife Diane, that started 20 years ago. This year’s gift surpassed the 2019 donations by $5,000, setting a new record.

ASB reached out to county administrators at the beginning of November for information regarding families in need this year. The county then collected information that kept the families anonymous but outlined the family structures and needs. The sizes and Christmas lists of the families were then collected and shared with ASB.

“It was a huge undertaking for us this year, receiving information for eight families, including 21 kids. We were able to get everything on their Christmas lists, plus a few extras,” says Jamie Lanoue, talent acquisition specialist for ASB. “We had a lot of hands helping to make the process possible this year, and we are grateful.”

With the $12,000, ASB was able to buy toys, household items, hygiene products and clothing for each family member, while including a Visa gift card for other miscellaneous items.