Another service provider was victim to a ransomware attack.

This time it was Artwork Services USA (PPAI 231735), a Maryland-based company that provides solutions to promo companies for web, artwork and order processing. In the wake of the cyberattack, AWS provided a detailed account of what happened and the resolution process.

In this case, consequences of the breach were mostly mitigated due to AWS’s quick discovery and action.

What Happened

Early one morning in the week of April 17, it was discovered that servers hosting 32 websites had been hacked.

  • AWS says that these were “legacy” websites, which the company defines as “built on older architecture, through still in use.”

According to AWS, the company’s security team identified and isolated the 32 websites and messaged all the customers associated with them.

  • Within six hours of the discovery, AWS says “almost 50% of the affected sites” had been restored.
  • Within 32 hours, the company says 100% of affected websites were restored.

AWS made note that all of the newer, cloud-based AWS websites were unaffected by the cybersecurity breach.

Scott A. Nussinow commented on the inherent risk of using websites and software applications that are older and approaching end-of-life.

“Without vital security patches and updates, companies and their systems are increasingly vulnerable to attack,” Nussinow says. “All too often, the interruption and cost of mitigation – ransom, recovery and restoration – can be catastrophic.”