AIA (PPAI 101364, D12) – ranked the No. 29 distributor in this year’s PPAI 100 – has announced a rebrand to reflect the Appleton, Wisconsin-based company’s commitment to empowering success for its customers (referred to as Owners), MVP Suppliers and staff.

“The rebrand is the culmination of a strategic journey which considered many factors, including conversations with key stakeholders and a deep dive into industry insights and future dynamics,” says Nancy Schmidt, CEO of AIA. “The result is more than just a new logo or style; it’s a declaration of our steadfast support for our Owner Community. AIA isn’t just a company – it’s a partner in your journey, and our rebrand reflects that promise.”

 A New Chapter For AIA

The rebranding includes a new company website and logo.

  • The loop around the font represents the “wrap-around support” that AIA provides.
  • The “I” in the middle of “AIA” reflects an “independent” AIA Owner proclaiming, “I CAN.”
  • The swoop on the second “A” represents the company’s partnership with AIA Owners.

“Our rebrand isn’t just a visual transformation; it’s a reflection of our dedication to making every interaction count,” says Stacy Price, vice president of marketing at AIA. “We’re excited to present a fresh identity that brings to life our brand strategy. Our brand aesthetic is visually smart, aspirational and empowering, while evoking a sense of calm in an otherwise fast-paced world. It also delivers messaging that resonates with the modern distributor.”