This month, PPAI recognizes the members of the Industry Branding Initiative Advisory Group as the July PPB Volunteers of the Month. Those selected for the honor have dedicated their time to the progress and fulfilling the charge of a committee, advisory group, work group or task force on which they serve.

The members of the PPAI Industry Branding Initiative Advisory Group are:

  • David Clifton, chief marketing officer, alphabroder, supplier in Trevose, Pennsylvania.
  • Larry Cohen, president, Axis Promotions, distributor in New York, New York.
  • Dale Denham, MAS+, executive vice president, Geiger, distributor in Lewiston, Maine.
  • Chuck Fandos, president, Brandaddition, distributor in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Leanne Finney, vice president marketing, Leed’s, supplier in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.
  • Bobby Lehew, chief content officer, Commonsku, business services member in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Julia Wright, MAS+, owner, Wright Choice Promotions, A Division of Geiger, distributor in Phoenix, Arizona.

Keith Vincent, PPAI Director of Marketing and staff liaison to the Market Research Committee, nominated the advisory group’s members for the recognition. He says, “These individuals served on the Industry Branding Initiative Advisory Group that led to the successful launch of the Get In Touch! Campaign. Their input helped PPAI create the look and feel, develop the media plans, allocate the budget and establish the goals for the initiative. We couldn’t have rolled out the campaign without them.”

The Get In Touch! campaign is a five-year and multimillion-dollar, industry-wide initiative encouraging advertising buyers to recognize the power of promotional products and allocate a larger share of their marketing dollars to the promotional products industry. The campaign’s tagline, “Advertising that lives on,” asks the viewer to consider that the use of promotional products in marketing communications, has the opportunity to last far longer than any other medium.

This campaign was originally conceived by the PPAI Chairman’s Roundtable work group, and is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work by an assortment of PPAI staff, members and volunteer groups, including the PPAI Board of Directors, the PPAI Industry Branding Initiative Advisory Group and the PPAI Public Relations Advisory Group.

PPAI is looking for the next PPB Volunteer of the month. The Association is looking for someone who:

  • Is a current member of a committee, task force or advisory group
  • Demonstrates an exemplary level of volunteer contribution
  • Is a positive example to others
  • Contributes in a constructive and positive way to volunteer activities
  • Collaborates well with others
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the topics and work
  • Presents a positive influence during interaction with a group

Nominations may be submitted by current members of a committee, advisory group, work group or task force, as well as by PPAI board members or PPAI current staff. The nominations will be forwarded to PPB magazine. Those selected for inclusion as PPB Volunteer of the Month will be announced and featured in a PPAI publication as well as the quarterly Volunteer Newsletter.

Nominations open the first of each month and close on the 15th. To nominate a current volunteer, complete the nomination form here.