Whether you are new to sales or you have decades of experience, there are small actions you can take in your workweek to keep moving forward in your career. Little by little, these small actions create a big impact. Richard Moy, a content marketing writer at Stack Overflow, has compiled a list of 10 small actions that do not require much time or effort but can have a big impact on your sales career.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Moy’s top 10 simple actions that will ultimately lead to bigger and better things in your career.

1. Treat a higher-up to coffee. The senior leaders at your organization got there for a reason. You can learn a lot from their experience. Moy encourages sales reps to ask senior sales leaders out for coffee occasionally—even if it ends up being a virtual coffee date.

2. Record your wins. You won’t remember all your victories, so commit to writing them down. Moy says this is a valuable practice that reminds you of what you bring to the table when it comes time to ask for a raise or start a new job.

3. Make an effort to get to know others. Moy says that he joined his company softball team solely for the purpose of meeting his co-workers. How can you get to know people in other departments at your organization? It can be as simple as following up with someone who was mentioned at a company-wide meeting and saying congrats.

4. Work on your writing skills. While writing isn’t necessarily a core skill for sales, when you learn to write well, you will feel more comfortable sending emails, creating presentations and drafting pitches.

5. Speak up in meetings. Moy admits that speaking up can feel intimidating to some, especially if you feel like your ideas aren’t the best. But remember that if you’re thinking of something, chances are, some of your colleagues are thinking the same thing. Bring it up and you will grow your confidence and show that you have valuable ideas.

6. Use extra time to learn. Rather than scrolling social media in between meetings, learn something new, whether you catch up on industry news or listen to a TED Talk.

7. Challenge yourself. Most people want career growth because they are bored. If this sounds like you, try to create small challenges for yourself. Moy says you could try reaching out to one new person in your industry every week or try a new productivity strategy every week to see what works best.

8. Give a genuine compliment. Knowing how to compliment someone (and really mean it) can take you far in sales. Everyone loves to hear something positive about themselves. Learn how to say something nice—without sounding like a suck-up.

9. Assess yourself. Moy recommends taking a personality test and then seeing how you can improve based on the results. For example, you may learn that you don’t have the best time management skills. When you see where you need to improve, you can take the necessary steps to get better.

10. Stay curious about your own company. Even if you have worked for your organization for years, the business is likely evolving. See what new initiatives are underway or what new employees you should meet.

Contrary to what you may think, you do not need to take on a massive project or commit to a major life change. To make the biggest impact on your career, you often need only commit to little things that you can do in just a few minutes. As you accrue little wins, you position yourself for bigger victories down the line.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Richard Moy is a content marketing writer at Stack Overflow. He contributes career advice to The Muse and also writes test prep and higher education marketing content for The Economist.