Product Responsibility Summit

Featured Speakers

 Andrew Hackman 



 Ben Mead 

 Managing Director 

 Hohenstein Institute America 

 Ben Pawsey 

 VP Of Marketing  


 Brian Campbell 

 Vice President Of Supply Chain Compliance  


 Denise Taschereau 

 CEO & Co-Founder 

 Fairware Promotional Products, Ltd. 

 Elizabeth Wimbush 

 Director Of Sustainability & Responsibility 


 Emily Gigot 

 Corporate Sustainability Leader 


 Erich Nolan 

 Founder And Consultant 

 Stewarding Design, LLC.  

 Gabrielle Guitzkow 

 CarbonNeutral Certification Program Manager 

 Climate Impact Partners 

 JillAnn Rogoz 

 Senior Director Of Compliance 


 Jodi Gruder 

 Global Director Of Compliance & Sustainability 


 Julia Craighill 

 Chief Sustainability Officer 

 Green Business Bureau 

 Karolyn Helda 

 Managing Director 


 Kelli Hoggle 

 Network Representative, USA & Canada 


 Kyle Hach 

 Chief Operations Officer 

 Raining Rose 

 Lenny Polakoff 



 Mark Jones 

 Chief Custom Officer 

 ELEVATE, an LRQA Company 

 Maurice Norris, MAS 

 Public Affairs Manager  


 Michael Facer 

 Director Of Procurement  

 SnugZ USA LLC.  

 Nathaniel Bullock 

 Compliance Manager 


 Neal Cohen 

 Product Safety Attorney 

 Neal Cohen Law LLC 

 Rick Brenner, MAS+ 


 Product Safety Advisors 

 Ron HawK 

 Director Of Collaborative Sales  


 Shawn Harwood 

 Expert Supply Chain Security Advisor 

 ELEVATE, an LRQA Company 

Conference Fee Information

PPAI Members: $1,295

Qualified Non-members: $1,595


Event Agenda

Sunday, October 8, 2023

10 am - 6 pm et

Badge & Product Pick up

Location: Edison Ballroom Foyer

1 - 2 pm et

Product Responsibility/Green Responsibility 101

Whether you are new to product responsibility or have been involved for years, it's always good to go back to the basics.  Join this session for the opportunity to revisit a classic with a new twist.

Speakers: Karolyn Helda, Global Services and Technical Services Director, Consumer Goods, North America, QIMA; Maurice Norris, MAS, Public Affairs Manager, PPAI.

2:10 - 2:30 pm et

PFAS Update

Are you aware of all of the latest PFAS updates? Hear the overview of what has changed and what’s coming. Learn best practices for how to manage the over ten thousand, and growing, forever chemicals that could very well be in your products.

Speakers: Maurice Norris, MAS, Public Affairs Manager, PPAI; Andy Blahnik, Quality and Compliance Manager, Gemline

2:40 - 3:25 pm et

Foreseeable Use AND Misuse With Your Products

Due diligence includes not only determining how your products will be used, but also predicting how they could be misused. This panel will discuss the importance of both and how each will affect you.

Speakers: Moderator, Rick Brenner, MAS+, President, Product Safety Advisors; Karolyn Helda, Global Services and Technical Services Director, Consumer Goods, North America, QIMA; Lenny Polakoff, Partner, Zagwear

3:35 - 4:05 pm et

Mexico Nearshoring: A Case for Reimagining your Supply Chain

For many U.S. companies relying heavily on offshoring for goods, the COVID-19 pandemic provided an eye-opening perspective into the fragility of their supply chains. Companies faced factory closings, border restrictions and quarantined product, requiring them to seek other options to source product and verify its compliance. Join us as we discuss the concept of Mexico Nearshoring for consumer goods and explore whether this option for safeguarding and strengthening your supply chain is right for you.

Speakers: Karolyn Helda, Global Services and Technical Services Director, Consumer Goods, North America, QIMA; Michael Facer, Director of Procurement, SnugZ; Michael Facer, Director of Procurement, SnugZ

5:30 - 8 pm et

Opening Reception

Monday, October 9, 2023

7 - 8:45 am et

Networking Breakfast

7 - 9:15 am et

Badge & Product Pick up

Location: Edison Ballroom Foyer

8:50 - 9 am et

Welcome Remarks

Speaker: Dale Denham, MAS+, President & CEO, PPAI

9 - 10 am et

How To Survive An FDA Inspection

Congress has passed the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MOCRA), which means promotional companies selling cosmetics have more to do to make sure regulatory requirements are met. This session will cover those requirements, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) for all commodities regulated by the FDA, labeling and registration requirements for Drugs, Medical Devices, UDI, Cosmetics, MOCRA, and Food, and will discuss how all of this applies to the promotional industry.

Speakers: Moderator, Nathaniel Bullock, Product Responsibility and Global Services Manager, Geiger; Kyle Hach, Chief Operating Officer, Raining Rose; Lisa El-Shall, Senior Director for Pharmaceutical and Device Consulting Services, EAS Consulting Group; JillAnn Rogoz, Senior Director of Compliance, alphabroder 

10 - 10:45am et

Recall Readiness Best Practices

Implementing a recall doesn't necessarily equate to wrongdoing. A business can do everything right yet still be presented with a need to recall a product, and it is imperative to have a plan already in place when that situation arises. This session will employ relevant scenarios to help promo companies prepare to jump into action when an incident occurs.

Speaker: Moderator, Rick Brenner, MAS+, President, Product Safety Advisors; Neal Cohen, Product Safety Attorney, Neal Cohen Law, LLC

10:45 - 11 am et


11 - 11:30 am et

UFLPA Enforcement: What is CBP Focusing On?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been shifting its enforcement activities. Learn where their activities have been directed and how to ensure you are eliminating slave labor from your supply chain.

Speaker: Shawn Harwood, Expert Supply Chain Security Advisor, ELEVATE, an LRQA Company

11:30 am - 12:15 pm et

Reeseā€™s Law

What does the CPSC's proposed rule enforcing Reese’s Law mean for your products? What are the implications of the packaging requirements relative to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act? What are the performance requirements and how do you test for them? This session will provide the needed insight and updates regarding Reese's Law.

Speakers: Neal Cohen, Product Safety Attorney, Neal Cohen Law, LLC.

12:15 - 1:15 pm et


1:15 - 1:30 pm et

Legislative Update

Hear an update on the most important legislative topics that will affect the promotional products industry, you, and your business.

Speaker: Maurice Norris, MAS, Public Affairs Manager, PPAI

1:30 - 2:20 pm et

Responsible Sourcing

Learn how to enforce your code of conduct throughout your supply chain. Contemplate the environmental and social responsibility considerations of your sourcing methods.

Speaker: Kelli Hoggle, Network Representative, USA & Canada, amfori

2:20 - 3:05 pm et

Global Chemical Management, Emerging Chemicals Of Concern & Best Practices

What happens regarding chemical regulation overseas can make its way to North America.  Learn about current emerging chemicals of concern and be prepared for potential upcoming restrictions and requirements in a changing landscape.  Hear how certifications can be helpful when verifying compliance in the supply chain and how they can potentially be a solution to verify compliance as well.

Speaker: Ben Mead, Managing Director USA, Hohenstein Institute America

3:05 - 3:30 pm et

Break & Group Photo

3:30 - 4:30 pm et

Green House Gas Accounting And YOUR Scope Emissions

What are the differences between Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, what are the requirements for reporting and how are the Fortune 500 companies handling them?  Take a deep dive into this topic and learn about its far reaching affects.

Speaker: Erich Nolan, Founder, Consultant and Advocate, Stewarding Design, LLC.

4:30 - 5:15 pm et


A lot of vital information and updates were heard throughout the day.  This is an opportunity to network and discuss the day's sessions, in-depth, with those in the industry who deal with the same topics and issues as you.


5:15 - 5:25 pm et

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Ellen Tucker, CAE, MAS, Vice President, Revenue and Expositions, PPAI

6:30 - 9 pm et

Dine Arounds

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

7 - 9 am et


9 - 9:05 am et

Welcome Remarks

Speaker: Ellen Tucker, CAE, MAS, Vice President, Revenue and Expositions, PPAI

9:05 - 9:35 am et

Green Munchie: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Many companies struggle to understand how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are relevant to them. This session will examine how the SDGs can be used to determine important and material issues for your company and its stakeholders. We will also discuss how these issues can be translated into data, so you can track and report your progress.

Speaker: Julia Craighill, Chief Sustainability Officer, Green Business Bureau

9:35 - 10:25 am et

Complete Business Sustainability

Sustainability-related practices are not just product-focused, they also involve internal processes and policies. Learn different methods for embracing this concept in your organization.

Speakers: Moderator, Elizabeth Wimbush, Director of Sustainability & Responsibility, PPAI; Denise Taschereau, PPAI Board Member, CEO & Co-Founder, Fairware; Kyle Hach, Chief Operating Officer, Raining Rose

10:25 - 10:40 am et


10:40 - 11:25 am et

The Impact Of International Due Diligence Obligations

What implications can global due diligence mandates have for your business? U.S. SEC disclosures and international ESG due diligence obligations can affect promo companies either directly or indirectly.

Speakers: Moderator, Brian Campbell, Vice President, Supply Chain Compliance, 4imprint; Mark Jones, Chief Customer Officer, Elevate an LRQA Company

11:25 am - 12:05 pm et

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy Trends

A growing number of U.S. states and localities have started to propose their own EPR legislation to encourage businesses to put waste reduction first.  What does that mean for the promotional industry?  Hear about the growing momentum behind EPR and what companies need to consider to comply, and ultimately, where that responsibility will lie.

Speaker: Andrew Hackman, Principal Lobbyist, Serlin Haley

12:05 - 1:15 pm et


1:15 - 2:05 pm et

The Intersection Of Sustainability And Safety

There are numerous concerns relating to how safety and sustainability interrelate. It’s important to know the differences between sustainability as it relates to your product vs. how it relates to your facility, and the same is true for safety.

Speakers: Moderator, Maurice Norris, MAS, Public Affairs Manager, PPAI; Jodi Gruder, Global Director of Compliance, BAMKO; Josh Diamond, Employee Health and Wellness Manager, Hit Promotional Products

2:05 - 2:55 pm et

Carbon Offsets And Renewable Energy Certificates (R.E.C.s)

This session will delve into the differences between carbon offsets and R.E.C.s, assisting companies with tips to determine which option is the best fit to reduce their impact. The pros and cons around offsetting will also be discussed, along with an overview of carbon offset validation programs in the market.

Speakers: Lindsey Davis, MAS, Director, Business Development, PPAI; Gabrielle Guitzkow; CarbonNeutral Certification Program Manager, Climate Impact Partners

2:55 - 3:10 pm et


3:10 - 4 pm et

The Importance Of Reporting: When And Why To Report

The comparisons will provide practical examples of how your industry peers are handling their reporting duties and explain why one type or the other might be needed. This discussion will also cover how companies can begin approaching communications, transparency, and accountability relating to reporting.

Speaker: Ben Pawsey, Vice President of Marketing, HPG; Emily Gigot, Sr. Manager, Sustainability, SanMar

4 - 4:50 pm et

Waste Management: The Hierarchy And The Five Rs

Expand beyond the conventional three R’s and discover pragmatic solutions for accomplishing each.

Speaker: Ron Hawk, Director of Collaborative Sales, Looptworks

4:50 - 5 pm et

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Dale Denham, MAS+, President & CEO, PPAI

5 - 6 pm et

Closing Reception & Celebration

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

10 - 11 am et

Optional - Manufacturing Facility Tour

Take a tour of a municipal materials recycling facility (MRF) to get a real-life demonstration of various concepts that are covered during the Product Responsibility Summit. This exciting add-on is included in your Summit registration and is available Wednesday and Thursday, and the facility will be able to accommodate the first 20 people who sign up for either day. Please contact Jill Begun at if you are interested in attending the tour.

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