SGS – North America Inc. C&P (PPAI 528060, Standard Plus)

Ideal Customer:

Suppliers and Distributors in a wide revenue range. SGS works from design to shelf, of a product or process, therefore we can support a very wide range of markets and stages.

The Solution:

SGS as a testing partner support our customers: reduce risks, shorten time to market, and test quality, safety and performance of products against relevant health, safety and Testing regulatory standards. SGS brings together global teams of highly qualified experts providing specialized testing, inspection and certification solutions across nearly every industry.

What You’ll Need:

SGS works with start-ups as well as larger companies, headcount is not a determinant.


Cost is dependent on scope of work, however we do have protocol pricing which can offer great value for regulatory testing.

Terms & Commitments:

Our customers receive a quote which will clearly outline scope of work, turn around time and a support contact.