In the past calendar year of operation, Starline (PPAI 112719, Gold) has worked with more than 8,500 distributor partners, providing big-name brands like Case Logic, JanSport and Sealy. The company prides itself on outstanding customer service, claiming a 99.5% successful contact rate and picking up PPAI’s Supplier Award of Merit and Facilisgroup’s Supplier of the Year Award.

Starline has built its success in part on its TruColor digital decoration technique, which prints a variety of logos, photographs and other images with  half-tones or gradients. The company also remains focused on innovation and new products, with an estimated 90% of 2023 sales made from goods introduced in the previous five years.

Notably, Starline made a shift to clean energy at its Grand Island, New York, facility last year. The site now runs fully on energy provided by a 40-acre community solar farm.

In September, industry vet Jeffrey Hassler was named Starline’s new president.

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