Founded three decades ago, Ariel Premium Supply (PPAI 161650, Platinum) got its start offering stress relievers. Today, the  family-owned business is a global operation supplying more than 1,700 products across eight brands. “It’s wonderful to see that the company we started back in 1993 has developed to what it is today with the help of our hard-working family that focus on providing the best service they can,” Co-Founder Tai Lin said of the company’s growth.

Ariel Premium Supply is increasing its focus on sustainability, launching in 2022 a new program that donates $1 for every distributor order. Within its first year, the program raised $25,000 for Rainforest Trust and The Ocean Clean Up.

PPAI named Ariel Premium Supply a 2024 Supplier Star, a top honor in its annual Pyramid Awards. The designation is given to companies for quality communications, customer service, products, decorating and packaging.

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