Supplier World Emblem’s (PPAI 287527) manufacturing facility in Mexico has passed the Sumerra social compliance audit with a perfect score. Sumerra is an international audit company that ensures safe working conditions, workers’ rights and environmental stewardship by focusing on the needs of brands, factories and licensees striving to improve working conditions around the globe.

The audit consists of a detailed tour of the facility, an in-depth review of working hours for 15 sampled workers and a review of factory records and interviews with 15 sampled workers. The audit also ensures companies comply with all domestic rules and some specific U.S. law requirements, all related to the health, safety and working conditions of employees.

Alberto Albarran, general director, who oversees World Emblem’s Mexico operations, says, “At World Emblem Mexico, we are constantly looking for areas where we can improve. We try to accomplish this by opening communication channels and getting all employees involved in this objective.”

Randy Carr, CEO of Hollywood, Florida-headquartered World Emblem, adds, “Alberto understands the value of taking excellent care of our team. He’s created a safe, enriching and productive environment that places employee welfare first. By taking care of our team, he knows that they will take care of our clients.”