This week, the PPAI team welcomed consultant Maura Mitchell, managing partner of Brandology, to Association headquarters in Irving, Texas, for two days of information gathering in preparation to help PPAI leaders develop a new strategic plan. Mitchell met individually with senior staff to get their take on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing PPAI and the industry as well as key concerns and trends over the next five years. She also led a focus group discussion with local PPAI members. Brandology is a marketing and management consulting firm with expertise in strategic planning and business plans, marketing strategy and trend forecasting, among others.

Mitchell’s two days at PPAI headquarters supplemented her work at The PPAI Expo in January. The board plans to meet in May to begin developing the new five-year strategic plan. Pictured above from left are: Sarah Thomas, American Solutions for Business; Steven Meyer, MAS, Riteline; Kerri Gorman, CAS, Gorman Foy; Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI; Maura Mitchell, Brandology; Larry Krause, LDK Marketing; Mitch Hammer, OrderMyGear and Anne Stone, CAE, PPAI.