Elon Musk’s leadership style—including his dramatic cost-cutting strategies—has taken some heavy criticism since he purchased the social media app Twitter. Now Canary (PPAI 278382, D3) has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, claiming that the social media giant owes the promo company more than $390,000.

  • Included in unpaid orders is $6,783.99 for a “swag gift box” for Musk to be sent to the San Francisco headquarters in September 2022.
  • According to Lauren Borelli, a vice president at Canary, the promo company has delivered more than $10 million of Twitter-branded products between 2013 and 2022.

As evidence, the lawsuit included the invoices that made up the nearly $400,000 in unpaid products.  

Twitter claimed in a court filing last week that it would need “several more weeks” to properly investigate Canary’s claims. The company’s response must come by March 17. Canary’s lawsuit is one of many that have been issued against Twitter since Musk’s tumultuous tenure began last year.

What Was In That Swag Box?

So, what exactly goes into a nearly $7,000 swag box for Elon Musk?

According to the invoice, the swag box included:

  • An engraved cheese board.
  • $215 worth of cheese.
  • A $689 bottle of Nikka Japanese whiskey.
  • An engraved rocket-shaped cocktail shaker.
  • A moon ice mold.

Beyond the swag box, the rest of the lawsuit was made up of various unpaid orders listed by invoice, the largest of which was for nearly $250,000, including $67,000 in shipping fees. That order consisted of 2,000 bundles, each including:

  • A hoodie.
  • A T-shirt.
  • Socks marked at $10.45 per pair.
  • A sticker.
  • All wrapped in custom tissue.

Other various invoice orders alleged to be unpaid included:

  • Water bottles.
  • Bath salts.
  • Cookie cutters.