It’s sweet summertime in a post-pandemic world. Consumers are out and about, and ready to enjoy in-person experiences again. The three fastest-growing industries this year, according to research firm IBISWorld, correspond with out-of-home adventures. 

Movie theaters, an industry that’s been on the downswing for nearly two decades and which fell an additional 60.5% in 2020, is expected to grow 142.8% this year, followed by concert and event promotion (101.4%) and U.S. international airlines (74.7%). With many consumers still stepping out for the first trip, concert or game after the pandemic, brands are afforded a unique opportunity to relish in their enthusiasm with an especially memorable and warm welcome—and promotional products will surely help with that.

Try as we might to make them the new normal, virtual and even hybrid events will never beat the appeal of in person. In a study of 1,000 U.S. consumers published a year ago by United Talent Agency (UTA), nearly all of them (96%) expressed plans to “return to some form of live event once it’s safe,” with three in four most eager to attend sporting events and concerts, and visit movie theaters. Moving forward, one in three respondents said they are more inclined to attend as many live events as possible and that live events will be more important to them—and it shows. According to Eventbrite’s 2022 Event Trends Report, consumers are buying tickets at an unprecedented rate as compared to before the pandemic. 

With more hype surrounding live events and out-of-home experiences, and with consumers more captivated by and receptive toward them, there’s vast opportunity awaiting brands in this space. Experiential marketing and interactive experiences can ensure consumers form standout brand impressions, but useful and aesthetically pleasing promotional takeaways provide them with tactile tokens and lifelong reminders of that super-fun day—and a cue to create more memories with that brand in the future.


When event attendees want a beverage at the bar, offer it with the option to purchase a branded Tahiti Copper Played Moscow Mule Mug. This 16-ounce copper-plated stainless steel mug includes vintage details and is a perfect addition to any home collection.

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Danielle Renda is an associate editor at PPAI.