PPAI’s 2020 board election opened on September 1 and runs through September 22. The nominees for the board class of 2025 are Alan Tabasky, vice president and general manager of Medley, Florida, supplier BEL Promo, and Noah Lapine, president and owner of Stamford, Connecticut, distributor Lapine Associates, Inc. Election results will be available in early October.

Last year, the Association launched a new approach to its board election with the transition from a ballot vote to a selection process by presenting one distributor and one supplier to the membership for an approval vote. Nominees for the board of directors are proposed as a slate and confirmed by the membership through an election and are no longer individually elected by popular vote. PPAI made this change as it provides a better opportunity to constitute a board of directors with a balanced skillset and experience best suited for leading the Association into the future. The selection process also eliminates the time-consuming, peer-to-peer competition, applies strategic foresight and brings transparency to the process. Read more about PPAI’s process here.

Tabasky and Lapine have been selected for their unique experience and balanced skillset of competencies that align with the board’s current focus and strategic plan. Each has also been extensively evaluated by the Leadership Advisory Council and the Elected Directors Nominating Committee. If approved by the membership, they will begin their four years of board service in January 2021.

PPAI held a town hall-style webinar on August 28 to give members an opportunity to get to know the candidates. The free session is available here for on-demand viewing.

The voting contact for each PPAI member company can learn more and cast a vote here.