Visstun (PPAI 339893, S6), based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced that it is leaving the promotional products industry. The supplier attributes the decision to the growth of its food-packaging division, which has prompted changes to scheduling and products, leaving the company unable to adequately meet the service and delivery requirements needed to operate effectively in the promotional industry.

Visstun products have been removed from all industry databases including SAGE, DistributorCentral and ESP, and on May 15, the website will go offline and the website will redirect to Visstun’s food-packaging division website.

The company emphasizes that Visstun’s departure from the promotional products market will have no impact on its Digispec (PPAI 180432, S7) and CounterPoint (PPAI 227346, S7) brands. All Digispec mouse pads and CounterPoint counter mats are available on industry search engines and continue to be available.

While Visstun is still operating and the company notes that it is available to handle projects, it is not actively seeking to grow in the promotional products market in order to focus all of its cup-making resources on the food-packaging division. The company is moving its advertising efforts to the food-packaging industry where it notes that longer lead times and higher minimums are the norm in food packaging.

A company statement says, “The lead time and minimum requirements within the promotional industry have been a major hurdle for us whenever we have had to increase either. Over the years, we have increased lead time and minimums. This has been difficult in the promotional market where small quantities and quick lead time are critical. We saw good success with our double-wall paper cups since there was a much quicker lead time and rush options available. The growth of the double-wall cups eventually required a production run schedule as well. Eliminating the rush options on those cups created another hurdle. Larger projects that almost always come with a bigger lead time work well with our model. We would love to continue to accommodate all orders from everyone who has supported us over the years. Unfortunately, we can no longer support quick lead time orders. We will help with every project that we are able to. If there is sufficient time and the quantity meets our minimum, we will gladly produce any order.”

While the brand is leaving promotional products marketing, distributors can still submit drinkware orders. The company statement adds, “We are happy to help with any orders distributors are working on. We will continue to support distributors who have developed business over the years. We are happy to continue to produce everything that we can that will fit into our production runs. Contact your Digispec and CounterPoint rep for pricing. They will help you as they always have.”