Visstun (PPAI 339893, S6) has announced that as of December 17, 2019, all its paper cups, containers and paper lids are being made with Sustana’s EnviroLife paper containing 35-percent post-consumer recycled fiber. This exceeds a goal the Las Vegas, Nevada-based supplier had set for itself in April 2019 to make all paper products with 30-percent post-consumer-recycled fiber by the end of the year. Rather than offer recycled cups as an option, Visstun replaced all the paper used for all cup types with recycled paper.

“We felt it was too important a step to only go halfway. So, at no additional cost to our customers, we jumped in with both feet, upgrading all our material. The response has been awesome,” says Joe Davis, Visstun national sales director. “With this first major step towards more sustainable products behind us, we’re continuing our research and testing of advanced eco-friendly materials. We’re looking for that perfect sustainable cup.”

This eco-friendly upgrade applies to all paper cup, container and lid products including Paper Hot, Cold and Microwave Cups and Containers as well as Vx2 Double Wall Cups and P2 Paper Lids.

“Why focus on post-consumer recycled fiber?” adds James Lake, Visstun cup production manager. “Right now, the United States has a recycling crisis. Consumers are recycling paperboard products more than ever … but, there’s nowhere for it to go. Visstun decided that providing a use for post-consumer-recycled fiber in our cups and containers is an important, socially responsible first step.”

The company notes that there are a lot of important pieces to the eco-friendly “green” puzzle and using renewable and recycled resources is just the beginning. It says that it has explored many different options and is working to get to a cup that is compostable or biodegradable and made in the USA.