Suppliers Visstun (UPIC: VISSTUN), CounterPoint (UPIC: DOYOUPOP) and Digispec (UPIC: DIGISPEC), part of a family of companies headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, have restructured their sales department, combining the sales teams from each of the three brands into a single sales force.

“When we create a major new product line, we introduce it with a unique brand name and sales team. This helps the new idea grow and gain market share quickly,” says Joe Davis, director of sales and customer service. “The Visstun, CounterPoint and Digispec brands are now so well known in the industry, we felt it was time to combine sales teams.”

Davis adds, “This is a great move for the Visstun, CounterPoint and Digispec brands and for our customers. We constantly strive to improve our customer service and this change does just that.”