Each of the three 2024 PPAI 100 surveys is relatively short – no more than a couple dozen straightforward questions apiece. And yet, we can’t expect you to know all of the answers for your company off the top of your head or to be able to locate them in seconds.

So we’re giving you a head start. Distributors and suppliers alike can preview each questionnaire here:



The questions listed will allow us to score your company for the 2024 PPAI 100 rankings or High Marks honors.

Important: Companies not responding to surveys will receive zero credit or reduced credit in important categories, potentially resulting in lower rankings or missing the list.

Some questions remain the same from the inaugural PPAI 100 project in 2023, while others are new or slightly different thanks to improvement input from PPAI committee and work group volunteers.

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Each PPAI member firm is recommended to designate one person, such as an owner, president or CEO, to take all three surveys or delegate them to subject matter experts in each area.

Only one survey from each company will be accepted per category. Any company may take the surveys, including those belonging to distributor franchises, so long as the company (or franchisee) has a unique PPAI number with an active membership.

The survey period opens Feb. 26 and closes March 10.