Corporate mergers and acquisitions across all tracked industries in the U.S. are on pace this year to break the record of $2 trillion. Financial software company Dealogic reports that targeted M&A volume in the U.S. stood at $2.03 trillion as of November 13, up 55 percent from $1.31 trillion during the same period of 2014. Looking abroad, the U.S. accounts for 48 percent of global M&A activity, the country’s largest share since 1999.

Mergers and acquisitions within the health care industry account for the largest share of the M&A volume in the U.S., with $454.9 billion in 2015 so far. The technology industry ranks second, with $424.5 billion in M&A activity, more than double 2014’s volume.

Inbound mergers and acquisitions—non-U.S. companies pursuing M&A in the U.S.—total $371.5 billion in 2015 to date, the highest total on record. Canadian companies account for the largest share, at $85.5 billion. The UK follows at $72.9 billion, and Israel rounds out the top three with $46.1 billion.

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