Your words matter. Whether you are on a video call with a client or you are sending a prospect an email, the words you choose can establish trust or convey deceit. Your words have the power to trigger emotions, which is why you should strive to use the right words at the right time to maximize your impact in sales.

According to Jay Fuchs, a junior staff writer for the HubSpot blog, there are 12 incredibly persuasive words that successful sales reps weave into their vocabulary. We share Fuchs’ thoughts on the words to use in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Your prospect’s name. Instead of opening an email with, “To Whom It May Concern,” always start with the prospect’s name. This shows you put some effort into the outreach and can help you get a foot in the door.

2. “Yes.” The best sales professionals know how to speak with conviction. When you use an affirmative word like “yes,” you project confidence and authority. Just be sure to say it assuredly from your chest, says Fuchs. This will help command your clients’ attention.

3. “You.” While you do not need to talk to your clients like they are your closest friends, you also shouldn’t take an overly formal approach. Fuchs says a good middle ground is using the word “you” to capture their attention and address them personally.

4. “Because.” According to Fuchs, most prospects will not be sold on your initial pitch unless you further explain the benefits of your product or service. By qualifying their needs with a thoughtfully placed “because,” you can give them the perspective they need to want to learn more.

5. “New.” People are naturally drawn toward fresh and creative solutions. That’s why this word is so effective. Fuchs advises sales professionals to use the word “new” wisely, though, as it can sometimes come across as novel or gimmicky.

6. “Free.” Want to get your prospects’ attention right from the start? Use the word “free.” It’s a helpful way to establish a connection because everyone loves a bargain. However, just be careful not to overdo it with this word. Overpromising and underdelivering on bargains is a sure way to turn off potential clients.

7. “Now.” A big part of sales is creating urgency. With this word, you can swiftly capture your prospects’ attention and inspire them to listen. Fuchs says this word can make your conversation seem important, relevant, and timely.

8. “Guarantee.” This word emphasizes trust. You are making a promise when you say “guarantee,” notes Fuchs. This means you have confidence in y our offering and you are willing to stake your credibility on your ability to deliver on the results your prospect needs.

9. “Proven.” This word can help put your prospects at ease. It signifies that your product or service is not some brand-new, unreliable offering, but one that other businesses have come to rely on.

10. “The.” According to Fuchs, when you use this word in sales, you are establishing authority and telling prospects that there are not multiple other options that could work for them. There’s one solution that works best, and you are pitching it.

11. “No obligation.” This is another phrase that can help put tentative prospects at ease. You can use these words to show that your product or service is not a forever-binding commitment.

12. “Limited.” Nobody likes to miss out on something great. By using this word, you can demonstrate that there is a narrow window for the prospect to gain access to your offering.

To improve the outcome of your client outreach, pay attention to the words you use. When you take time to carefully select your words during your sales conversations, you increase your chances of establishing a relationship and closing the deal.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Jay Fuchs is a junior staff writer for the HubSpot blog.