Congrats to anyone who had “Donald Trump appeals to sneakerheads” on their 2024 bingo card.

Well beyond the red hats and flags, the former president keeps churning out unusual merch – most recently, custom footwear and a pair of fragrances.

In a surprise appearance at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia earlier this month, Trump announced presales for golden high-top sneakers featuring a large T and an American flag motif. The limited edition shoes sold out quickly at $399 a pair, despite not being available to ship until the summer. (They’ve already scored a sketch on Saturday Night Live.) The collection also includes a red pair and a white pair, each priced at $199. 

Buyers who didn’t read the fine print may be surprised to find out the seller accepts no liability for delays and will issue no refunds: “All sales on are final.”

The shoes, which Trump said he’d “been talking about for 12 years,” according to Forbes, are the latest expansion of his “never surrender” line of merch – although these newest items are not sold in his campaign store. 

Fashion designer Dee Jackson told NPR he thinks the sneakers are mostly a marketing move aimed at Trump’s political supporters, adding: “Sneakerheads are not going to really be into it, because it’s not really a cool design” or a collaboration with a major brand.

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The new merch site also sells “Victory47” perfume and cologne, priced at $99 each. Both fragrances come in gold bottles and packaging, the cologne with Trump’s head on the cap and the perfume in an hourglass-shaped white bottle. It’s not Trump’s first foray into fragrance – he released “Empire” and “Success” in 2012, both of which are still sold by retail outlets.


According to NBC News, sales of the footwear and fragrances aren’t sold by Trump’s presidential campaign or companies. Rather they are branded and sold under license by CIC Ventures LLC – which overlaps considerably with Trump’s businesses, having been founded by close associates and using the same mailing address as the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Trump NFT digital trading cards sold in 2022 and 2023 were also produced and sold under a licensing agreement with that company. Forbes reports Trump made an estimated $9 million from those NFT sales.

Trump has a long history of selling merch, from wines and meats to branded products from his golf courses. As for the new kicks, people have already posted them at incredible markups on eBay (despite not having the shoes actually in hand) as collectors’ items, but says “experts are divided on whether the shoes will hold their value in the long run.”