In today’s fast-paced world, convenience plays a huge role in how consumers select one product and service over another. Making it easy and convenient for consumers to buy is the mantra that smart marketers follow.

Nielsen’s Quest For Convenience report examines the six factors that drive consumers’ desire for convenience and help companies satisfy their demand for ease, utility and simplicity. First is the fact that consumers’ lifestyles are changing because of urbanization, longer commutes, more hours spent online and increased stress. Second, consumers have new challenges—including information overload—that make achieving a work-life balance a key concern. Third is how to solve consumer needs through convenience. How can companies make it easy, useful and simple so they get some of their time back? Fourth is the need to emerge and grow. Thirty-nine percent of global online consumers eat out weekly, and 27 percent of consumers wish there were more products that make their lifestyle easier. Fifth, the needs of consumers will only get bigger and evolve with new factors. Technology is key here, with investments from major companies that result in new tools. Sixth is the need to get ahead of the curve by thinking about convenience in everything—such as grab and go, home delivery and customized offers.

Although the report is aimed at fast-moving consumer goods companies, many of the findings address an overall consumer trend and can apply to companies selling promotional products, too. Read more and download the Quest for Convenience report here.