Companies today struggle with two primary issues: time and resources. You must be efficient and timely in how to utilize your resources. This leads to both sales and higher margins. One way companies are being more effective in their sales and marketing efforts is by using a CRM—customer relationship management systems.

Yesterday, Promotional Consultant Today shared key reports that are accessible through a CRM. Today, we share some key features to look for when purchasing a CRM system.

  • Simplicity And Ease Of Integration: There’s no sense in investing in CRM technology if you can’t get your workers to use it. Nothing hurts adoption more than a difficult-to-use and difficult-to-implement application.
  • Mobile Access: Mobile access is especially important for field sales personnel who not only need contact information and other basics but who may need access to sales collateral, data from back-office systems and organizational schedules in order to complete deals.
  • Integrated Analytics: CRM solutions must provide business users with access to decision-making analytics, both for sales and marketing.
  • Campaign Management: A CRM solution should provide powerful campaign management functionality enabling workflow from initial campaign concept through build, test, deployment and measurement.
  • List Management/Master Data Management: The CRM solution should enable management of multiple lists. You need to be able to segment multiple lists to create targeted campaigns.
  • Flexibility And Customization: No business is alike. It’s important to choose a system with the flexibility to customize fields to align to your business workflow.
  • Lead Generation And Follow-Up Tracking: A CRM should be a tool that makes lead generation and follow-through an easy and automated process, saving time for the salesperson.

If you are considering implementing a CRM for your business in 2017, keep these features in mind as you evaluate the right system for your business.

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