Whether you realize it or not, you’re vulnerable to scams. Scammers target everyone, but there are always warning signs if you know where to look. If you receive an order from someone that seems suspicious, be sure to do your research before fulfilling the order. Sherry Friley at Merchant Focus shared with us a few helpful tips regarding online payment processing:

  • Check that the ship-to and bill-to addresses are the same. Feel free to ask for a front and back copy of the customer’s driver’s license and credit card.
  • Use a credit card authorization form to be signed by the customer for the items. Be sure you are requiring AVS and CVV matches. If the name on the credit card is different from that of the person placing the order, ask for contact information to speak with the cardholder and get a verbal confirmation for the order.
  • Ask for a signature upon delivery of products.

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