Today, drinkware is a lifestyle accessory. Whether it’s the VSCO girl and her Hydro Flask or a clunky, celebrity-approved water jug, reusable drinkware tells the world who you are. The current drinkware infatuation is the $40 Stanley Quencher tumbler, recently dubbed “the new office status symbol” by The Wall Street Journal.

Stacie Harshbarger Gass, marketing and operations manager at Illinois-based distributor Printable Promotions, recently bought a few as Christmas presents. She says trending products have social media to thank.

“Influencers, with a paid brand partnership and a little luck,” says Gass. “The luck part is the secret sauce! Out of all the products that all the influencers get paid to show off, one happens to hit a little different. And it spreads.”

On TikTok, the hashtag #stanleytumbler has over 34 million views. Influencers share unboxings, restocking updates and their colossal personal collections. Stanley, a 109-year-old outdoor brand, is now a favorite among millennial and Gen Z women.

But just three years ago, the company stopped restocking the Quencher. It wasn’t until Stanley partnered with three female bloggers to introduce the brand to a new market. According to The New York Times, tumbler sales have since increased by 275% in 2021 compared to 2020. This past year, nearly 150,000 people signed up for restock notifications – an all-time waitlist high.

Liza Sachs, director of sales and supplier relations at Ohio-based distributor Kaeser & Blair, says her team is aware of the Stanley. “I think a trend gets the excitement, and we have to educate on the key core items as well. I think it’s the well-mixed assortment of product that makes the customer stay with you long term. It’s so important to educate our clients to show how our products are a true advertising piece and have a return on their investment.”

Sachs says it’s a well-designed product in fashionable colors. Current U.S. sales are up 751% year-to-date. This durable, 40-ounce stainless-steel tumbler is easy to hold, clean and fill. It also made Refinery29’s holiday gift guide. In September, Stanley released an updated version, The Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler.

Terence Reilly, global president of Stanley, said in a statement, “The Quencher has become an internet sensation over the last two years. As it has quickly risen in popularity – with restocks selling out in mere minutes and videos quickly going viral on social media – we wanted to continue to provide innovative products and solutions for our consumers.

“With the new Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler, we ensured it was still everything consumers love about the Quencher, plus new features that meet a variety of activity and hydration needs and fit into a more sustainable, less disposable lifestyle.”

This new Stanley Quencher now fits in all standard cup holders, is spill-resistant, has a newly designed handle and is made with recycled stainless steel. Stanley also released four new “soft matte colors.”

When jumping on product trends, Gass says it’s important to know your clients. “If you have young, trendy buyers, then it pays to be on the ball. But many times, we’ve shown our clients the hottest trends and … crickets. Six to eight months later, they start asking if we’ve heard about it. Facepalm! It never hurts to repeat your marketing.”

Stanley products are available in the industry, but the Quencher remains elusive. If you’re struggling to find that Stanley tumbler, Gass and Sachs suggest these products instead.

This 22-ounce Stanley Flip Straw water bottle is designed to keep up with all your activities. It features a built-in straw that flips up for a quick drink, then snaps tight to stay fully leakproof. The ergonomic shape and rotating handle make it easy to hold while on the go.

Diamondback Branding / PPAI 655170, S6 /

This 18-ounce double-wall vacuumed sealed tumbler is designed to keep your beverage temperature longer. It’s made with stainless steel with a handle and clear slide-lock lid. The Basecamp brand supports the Wounded Warriors Project.

Sweda Company / PPAI 113914, S11 /

This 40-ounce mug is sweat free and comes with a straw. It has an easy carry handle and fits in most cup holders. With three-in-one lid technology, recipients can sip, drink and gulp.

AAkron Line / PPAI 111082, S10 / 

With a wide mouth lid, this 20-ounce mug is copper lined and double-wall insulated. It has powder coated matte finish with a durable, stainless-steel handle.

Ariel Premium Supply / PPAI 161650, S11 /

This 20-ounce vacuum camp mug is leak resistant with a locking closure lid. It’s sweat- and lead-free.

Starline USA / PPAI 112719, S10 /

With double-walled construction for cold and hot drinks, this 30-ounce tumbler is available in colors like red (shown), black, navy and white. There’s also a snap-on, spill-resistant flip top lid with a straw hole.

Hit Promotional Products / PPAI 113910, S14 /