Throughout Promotional Products Work! Week, PPAI is honoring the achievements and innovation of the industry by recognizing and celebrating the 2019 PPAI Pyramid Award winners in marketing promotions. Today’s issue of PPB Newslink highlights the work of those who took home Pyramid Awards for their self-promotion campaigns—campaigns designed to promote sales or enhance the image of a company to customers and prospects.

Self-promotions can be used to engage current clients and entice potential clients. They take the form of “thank you’s” and showing appreciation to existing clients, the celebration of anniversaries, relationship building, advertising companies’ capabilities and generating inspiration and ideas. The key behind every great self-promotion is the theme used to spread the company’s message and target a specific market, all with the goal of increasing the level of engagement from clients/prospects.

Self-promotion campaigns category winners in the 2019 PPAI Pyramid Awards include Axis Promotions’ customer appreciation campaign, Red Tomato’s client engagement program and The Creative J, A Geiger Company’s initiative to attract new customers. To view more Pyramid Award self-promotion campaigns, click here.

And learn more about the Pyramid Awards best marketing award winners in the May issue of PPB.