The Product Pavilion at Expo East highlighted innovative, popular products with distinct design and functionality options. The products fell into one of four categories, including Top Sellers, Green Products, Made In The USA and Express Ship, and were conveniently housed in one area of the show floor for easy viewing. The Product Pavilion experienced steady foot traffic throughout the duration of the show, with attendees interested in exploring trending products to use in upcoming projects.

Symbio Promotions in Scotch Plains, New Jersey—a supplier with products spanning nearly all major categories—brought a technological angle to the Pavilion with its Bluetooth Earpods. A Top Seller, the product includes wireless ear pods housed in an easy-to-store, circular holder. The holder is entirely customizable, from the colors used to its transparency and the logo and/or message imprinted. On display were examples of the product designed for Red Bull and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In the Made In The USA category, SlingGrip in Rosharon, Texas—a supplier of custom phone grips—was the Sling Grip Phone Grips. A universal product for any cell phone device or case, the patented phone grip is a fully customizable band that allows for comfortable use of a phone during all occasions, whether sending a text, writing an email or catching up on a favorite show. With an adhesive backing, simply attach the phone grip to the back of a phone or case.

AP Specialties in San Clemente, California, a supplier also with products spanning across categories, showcased several products, which included the Snack Stackers. A perfect option for commuters, parents or those who prep food on-the-go, the product includes two 11.5-ounce, stackable snack containers that screw together securely, and includes a colorful spork (a spoon and fork combination) that clips onto the side. The container is transparent, allowing for front-and-center focus of a logo or message imprinted on the outside.

HeadLimes, LLC in Jackson, Wyoming—a supplier of the conversation-grabbing HeadLimes Gator Edition—presented its HeadLimes Gator Edition in the Top Seller category. A colorful way to add fresh-squeezed lime to a beverage, the product is a hand-held party accessory. Resembling an alligator, users can insert a lime wedge into the gator’s “mouth,” pinch its “jaws” together and squeeze fresh lime juice into their beverage. The Gator Edition can be conveniently clipped onto the lip of a cocktail glass, beer bottle, or the tab of a can—allowing for ongoing brand attention—and the handle can be used to mix cocktails. The fun-to-use product can be imprinted with a logo to promote a local bar or restaurant, or distributed as a giveaway during an event or gathering.

Look for more products featured at Expo East in Thursday’s PPB Newslink.