The Image Group (UPIC: IMAGEGRP) is retiring the name of its subsidiary, LightHouse Brands, on January 1, 2016. The Image Group acquired LightHouse Brands in 2013 and, following the merger’s completion, operated the companies as separate divisions. Going forward, the two distributors will operate as a single entity under The Image Group name, and share its headquarters and warehouse facility in Holland, Ohio.

“Since our merger, we’ve mainly gone to market as two distinct entities,” says Jon Levine, president of The Image Group. “Along the way, we’ve created a combined organization that ranks among the top 40 privately owned promotional products distributorships in the country. … Maintaining the LightHouse Brands name allowed customers a transition period for getting to know The Image Group. Now it’s time to announce that we are one company.”

Founded in 1981, The Image Group provides branded merchandise, creative design, ecommerce, website development, warehousing and fulfillment, print and other marketing services. LightHouse Brands has provided promotional products and printing management services since 2005. Its acquisition by The Image Group afforded LightHouse Brands access to its in-house decorating capabilities, including screen printing, embroidery and engraving. At the same time, The Image Group has benefitted from LightHouse Brand’s expertise in integrating print management with promotional products to help streamline procurement efforts for major clients.

“The merger has provided numerous advantages to our companies and our customers,” adds

Levine. “Most significantly, The Image Group and LightHouse Brands have been able to leverage each other’s unique strengths.”