Throughout the history of the United States entrepreneurship has been the very engine to our economy—an economy built upon hopes, dreams, imagination and innovation. Just look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. They all started out as entrepreneurs who believed in a vision inspired by a single idea to change the world.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Eliakim Thorpe’s words on the key practices of a serial entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneur must develop the four D’s of daily disciplines: determination, dedication, discrimination and diligence if they are to manage today’s challenging business environment.

The entrepreneur functions in two worlds: an economy driven by profit and an entrepreneurial vision governed by purpose. In addition, an entrepreneur must develop the attribute of mental tenacity when waging war with the enemy of doubt and the temptation to give up one’s dream of entrepreneurship. If the entrepreneur is firmly rooted by vision, faith and service to humanity; they will be strengthened in the midst of economic volatility, determined in the midst of economic downturns, and empowered when feeling exhausted.

Entrepreneurs must not only learn to navigate the business world, they must also learn how to navigate their emotional world. It is the emotions of the entrepreneur that should be examined, evaluated and assessed daily to remove any mental/psychological hindrances so that the entrepreneur is positioned for lasting success. An entrepreneur must affirm his/her significance in this changing economy by being grounded in the values of: delayed gratification, self control, willpower, and living with risk in an ever-changing economy. These attributes will yield a great reward for the entrepreneur who can endure and remain steadfast in their commitment to create goods and services that benefit humanity.

An entrepreneur’s strong skill must be accompanied by his/her strong will (to achieve)! Greatness never comes easy, but can be achieved if the entrepreneur incorporates daily disciplines into his/her life through the vehicle of will power, self control, determination, discrimination, dedication and diligence. In the end, what drives an entrepreneur is: passion, purpose, profit, and service to his fellow man, which can only be cultivated by willpower and self discipline.

Source: Eliakim Thorpe is a sought-after speaker, business consultant, entrepreneur, author, and an authority on organizational transformation. He draws from his experience working with, and consulting for, Fortune 10 to Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, Whirlpool, General Motors, Chrysler, Pfizer and many others.

Compiled by Cassandra Johnson