It’s time to find out the state of leadership in promotional products and pinpoint the progress our industry has made in the last year. 

It’s time to take the 2024 PPAI 100 surveys.

All distributor and supplier members are highly encouraged to take the three surveys, which each last less than 10 minutes. 

Surveys are open Feb. 26 to March 10 at 11:59:59 p.m. (CT). 

Take The Distributor Business Fundamentals Survey
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Take The Distributor Innovation Survey
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Take The Distributor Responsibility Survey
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Take The Supplier Business Fundamentals Survey
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Take The Supplier Innovation Survey
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Take The Supplier Responsibility Survey
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PPAI 100 is the Association’s flagship annual research and recognition project. Placement on the list is the highest honor PPAI grants to member companies, and potentially an important element of social proof in marketing and recruitment.

Results will be announced at PPAI’s North American Leadership Conference, May 5-7 in Salt Lake City. Registration is open for the industry’s premier event for executive networking, leadership development and strategic foresight.

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In its second year, several key changes have been made to the program which have the potential to shakeup the rankings significantly. The list will expand to 100 suppliers and 100 distributors, and international PPAI members are eligible for the first time as well.

Some companies who don’t ultimately land on PPAI 100 will still receive recognition for their leadership in specific areas crucial to the industry’s future: High Marks honors will again be available for Growth, Innovation and Responsibility.

Likewise, the aggregated data will be used to create benchmarking studies useful to firms of every size. 


With more companies eligible and increased competition, survey participation becomes even more important in 2024. Not taking any of the three questionnaires or leaving scoring questions unanswered will result in a lower score and has the potential to impact a company’s ranking.

  • Only one response per survey will count for each member. We encourage these to be taken by each firm’s principal executive, or to allow the principal to delegate to subject matter experts.

The largest scoring factors for PPAI 100 come from the business fundamentals surveys, regarding 2023 revenue and revenue change since 2020. Responses will not be used to assess PPAI membership dues. Any company not answering revenue-related questions will have their revenues estimated by PPAI Media.

  • Failure to answer the revenue questions or offer estimate guidance will result in a scoring penalty.
  • Companies who provide validation for their reported revenue (such as tax documents or auditor communication) via the surveys will receive a scoring bonus.
  • No company will have its revenue estimated – or be scored – above the recommended earnings range for its PPAI membership tier, effective March 10. Firms needing to update their tier may do so by contacting their membership account manager.

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