Sun Coast Merchandise (PPAI 113083, Platinum), which does business under the Sunscope brand, has issued a voluntary recall in Canada of a tumbler after finding a safety hazard due to a manufacturing defect.

The tumbler was part of a collaboration between Sunscope and Nütrl, a Canadian company that sells drinks that combine vodka and soda. Certain in-store purchases, made during April and May of this year, of NÜTRL products included the tumbler.

The recall is a result of a discovery that “a contaminant” could be released when the tumbler is filled with liquid.

  • Upon learning of the defect, Sunscope issued a voluntary recall and informed NÜTRL of the action it had taken.

“Consumer safety is our top priority,” a statement by NÜTRL says. “Together with Sunscope and their distributor Staples Promotional Products Canada, we are working with Health Canada to proactively notify consumers.”

Anyone who received the tumbler is advised to stop using them immediately and can learn more information by calling 1-866-846-1778.