Entrepreneurship remains a strong draw. In a survey of 1,250 adults, Digital.com, an independent review website for small business online tools, products and services, found that 43% of Americans plan to start a business in 2022, and for a third of them, it will be their first time.

Digital.com’s study also revealed that 47% of Americans who want to start a business are currently working for an employer, 34% are self-employed and 19% are unemployed. Additionally, 55% of aspiring new business owners will leave their current jobs within the next 12 months. Most future business owners who plan to leave their jobs are from the health care, construction, education and finance industries. Employees in the health care and social assistance industry account for 8% of aspiring entrepreneurs, and construction workers and education employees represent 8% and 7% of people who want to start a business, respectively.

For the majority of respondents (62%), the motivation behind starting a new business was to earn more money. Following that, other reasons given include wanting to be their own boss (48%), want to pursue a passion (47%) and want more flexible work hours (44%). Likewise, 31% of respondents want the flexibility of working remotely, while 29% are dissatisfied with their current jobs.

Study findings indicate that retail, business and finance, and computer and IT are the most popular industries for new business owners. Fifteen percent of aspiring entrepreneurs will launch a retail shop, 11% will start a business and finance company, and 10% want a startup in the computer and IT industry. Women are more likely to venture into retail and personal care services, but female entrepreneurs tend to start business and finance companies at the same rate as men.